The first two real shows I saw after my Eddie Money experience happened several years later. I was in high school, had gleaned some different music tastes from my friends, and had been prodded by Jaimenacho to take in a live show some time.

We had tried to see Electronic down at the Warfield, but the show was cancelled.

We continued to scan the “Pink Pages” of the SF Chronicle for concerts.

SIDE NOTE : For those of you that don’t know or remember, the “Pink Pages” were not a “Gay” section of the paper. They were actually the “Entermainment” section that came out on the weekend. And it always listed most of the shows going in the Bay Area.

So one weekend we spotted “Kitchens of Distinction” playing at the Edge Nightclub in Palo Alto. It was an all ages show, and we were fans of the “Kitchens” and their shoegazing sound.

We ran the idea by Eduardo, he was interested, so we scored 3 tickets to the show.

So the three of us cruised down to the show and squeezed into the little club.

The show was very good. Not overly memorable, but good.

I had to mention this show just because it was the first show that I saw where I actually wanted to see the band. And it turned out to be the first of many more to come over the next 13 years.