Over the weekend, I took my lovely wife and our son on a hike out on Point Reyes. More specifically, we went to a semi-remote area known as Abbotts Lagoon. We hiked all the way out to the actual beach past the lagoon, which is a very pleasant mile-and-a-half stroll. As usual, there were very few people out there.

Upon arriving at the fairly isolated beach, we noticed a small group of people doing yoga exercises together. Actually, half of them were doing yoga while the others were engaged in what I can only describe as a “bouncing group hug”.

“What are those people doing over there?” I asked my wife.

“I really don’t know. But it looks weird.”

I had to agree. We kept walking, and as we continued along I watched as the yoga practitioners got up and joined the group hug.

At first, I’d thought it was just a group of goofy kids. However, we were close enough to see that some of the people were at least in their fifties, and others were younger – probably in their twenties.

bounce bounce bounce bounce.

We rested at the beach for a bit and took some photos. It was a great day to be out there, and our son really enjoyed running through the sand.

After 20 minutes or so, I noticed that the people were still engaged in their group hug. Only now, they were spinning in a circle as a group while they bounced. Then they stopped abruptly, still and silent – and stayed that way for several minutes.

“That’s creepy. Do you think they’re part of a cult or something?” my wife asked.

“Could be, I dunno.”

I snapped a photo of them before they broke the circle apart and gathered their things for the hike back. I’m still not sure what they were doing, but it seemed harmless. Maybe they’re a tight-knit hippy-dippy family, or members of a yoga support group or something. Maybe it was a beautiful expression of family unity and unconditional love. I have no idea.

Whatever the case, it was definitely weird.