By far the weirdest town I ever experienced was Canby, California at 2:00 AM. The decision on New Year’s for 2001 was Reno. Paco was having his breif stint living in Portland at the time, so we decided to drive, with my girlfriend at the time from Portland after work to Reno – ETA Reno 4:00 AM the next day. We got a good start out of Portland and ate dinner at some random mexican restaurant in Albany later that evening. We decided to cross over the Cascades East of Eugene – I was driving at that point, and it was a harrowing experience, driving the girlfriend’s car up a very windy, steep, icy and snowy pass with no traction. We got over the pass and headed to 97 to get to the Klam (Klamath Falls). We hit the Klam at just past midnight and headed southwest, deciding that the open, lonely road through the hinterlands of northeast California would provide the quickest route. About 2:00 I think we hit the outskirts of Canby. I had never drove through Canby before – small town in the middle freaking nowhere. Paco slowely entered the town and on the right was a giant, life size, illuminiated nativity seen. OK, that’s kind of cool for a town to do, we muttered. Then, on our right, was another. Then, on our left was another giant, lit up, slightly different interpretation of figures, environment and apparell for the night Jesus was born. Then another. Then ANOTHER. By then it was getting just downright eeerie. The town was totally dead, nothing there, nothing going on, but there must have been a dozen or so giant nativity seens – it was like some sort of holiday competition that had gone totally wrong and out of control. We exited the city limits somewhat bewildered and freaked out as Paco hit the gas and entered the vast emptiness between Canby and Alturas and the even more vast emptiness between Alturas and Reno. I think we rolled into Reno at about 4:00. Since we could not check into our cardboard box sleeping arangement at the casino until later in the day, we proceeded to gamble, and drink – the start of a New Year’s Weekend where I had an awful case of insomnia (4 hours of sleep over 72 hours.