I just sold a car, and I thought I ought to post a story to remember it by.

Some time ago, the wife and I decided we were tired of two-seaters that couldn’t haul anybody else. First we ditched the 280Z. The Z technically had back seats, but nobody would sit in them since they were built for Japanese midgets. (Did you know that the average height of a Japanese midget is 4.2 inches shorter than an American midget?) Next, we ditched the Fiero, then her Honda CRX. She picked up a Nissan Pathfinder, and it was my turn. I looked at a bunch of crazy things, including an actual Thing. She finally convinced me to get something more reasonable, and we settled on a Jeep. Just a plain, no frills Jeep. We were in Eugene, Oreon, and called a guy about an ad in the paper, and the dude said: “If you can pay for it this weekend (it was Saturday), we’ll knock $1000 off the asking price.” Turns out, dude needed the bucks to make the payment on his very nice, very big, very expensive looking pickup. We drove out to his place, and were surprised to see that this particular Jeep had been pimped in the exact opposite manner that Eduardo’s Jetta had been. The thing had been lifted up to the stratosphere, and had giant tires on it. We were NOT looking for a serious 4×4, just a car, really. But, the price was too good to pass up, and we bought it on the spot. I drove it all the way home, with no top, by myself. (I got seriously sunburned.) The whole way, stupid 4-wheelin’ dreams played out in my head. Me and the guys were gonna take this Jeep out and tear some stuff up, you know?

Fast forward 4 years (5?), and how many times did we 4-wheel that thing? Zero. But I did have some fun with it. Jaimenacho and I drove all the way to freaking Cotati in it one Autumn evening, still with no top. We were so freaking cold, we actually pulled sleeping bags out of the back and wrapped ourselves up in them. (No, we did not cuddle. Yes, Jaime wanted to.) Senor Bob and I drove it AROUND the big French Gulch fire, through the forest from I-5 just South of Castella to the top end of Trinity Lake, on our way to the big cabin party. We were passing fire refugees going the other way the whole time, and asking ourselves if we were crazy.

Well, the time finally came to let this one go. We put it on the side of the road with a sign, and this one guy takes a look at it, and says he’ll have the money together in a few days. Dude showed up with a fistful of dollars the other night, a bunch of hundreds and twenties, and I waved goodbye to my monster truck.