For a long time, The Old Vic in Santa Rosa was a favorite hangout of Paco and I (and several of the other amigos locos as well). In fact, long after we had both moved away from the area, Paco and I once made a pilgrimage from Sacramento one evening just to go there.
I believe Paco first discovered it way back in late ’94. He took me there, the next semester, and we were both enthusiastic regulars for a while. There was almost always a good jazz or blues group playing, and the place had an air of sophisticated hipness that we dug.

…But alas, things changed in the couple of years after Paco and I both left the area. Once when we went back to check it out, we found that it had turned into a slightly more tarhead-oriented “boo yaww” type of place, apparently catering to the hats-on-backwards crowd. We were kind of disappointed, considering that the Vic had been a haven for people who appreciated good beer and good music.
In more recent years, I went there quite a few times before it closed down. It had reverted back to being pretty cool, but not quite to the level it had been originally. By this point the owners had started experimenting with allowing different types of performances there, which usually had lame results. Depending on which night you went, you might see a mediocre local rock band, some white guys playing pointless generic blues, or be tortured by a pretentious drama troupe from the local junior college. It was a total crap shoot, and toward the end that’s usually exactly what you got to see: crap.
Eventually, The Vic lost its lease and had to close its doors. It was sad, because in its heyday it was the coolest place around.