I touched on it really briefly before about my first exposure to the Percussion All Stars, but I figured I should elaborate a bit since Eduardo told the story of discovering them.

Eduardo and I were driving from Redding down to Rohnert Park in order to check out places to live. It was the winter of 1994 and we were a few weeks away until classes were going to start. I decided to take a different route down there. I had only been to the area once or twice before, so we made a right turn off of I-5 at Williams, and decided to take highway 20 to try something different. We were probably listening to tunes like the Stone Roses, etc… but after we got about 1/2 way down the road, Eduardo made a suggestion…

“Hey, I got this cool record the other day… and I made a tape of it, do you want to hear it?”

“Sure… what is it?”

“It’s this old funky band called the Percussion All Stars, I think you’ll like it.”

“Ok, put it in…”

So Eduardo popped it into the tape deck. And the funky beats began. It sounded like nothing that I had heard before. Except maybe something that you would hear on the Muzak in Thrifty Drug store, but WAY more interesting. We grooved to the tape all the way to Rohnert Park, the rest of the drive flew by.

I was instantly hooked, just like Eduardo.

In fact that whole semester was spent with the constant sounds of the Percussion All Stars blaring through the stereo in our pheasant adorned apartment. Good stuff… I still love hearing the guitar player on that record.