Eduardo requested this post quite a while ago, so here goes… to the best of my memory.

This dream happened quite some time ago, it was either during High School, or possibly even before that.

In my dream I’m walking around a very crowded and large terminal.  It looked like something you’d see in a large airport, or something like Grand Central Station.  It was full of people moving about, escalators, stairs, etc…   I believe I’m walking with someone, I think it’s my one of my brothers, but I can’t remember exactly who was in my dream with me.

As I make my way to the center of this “terminal” I notice a man holding a leash.  As I glance down to the end of the leash, I see something fairly small at the end.  It looks too small to be a dog, and it looks more like a small ball the size of a grapefruit.  As I glance closer, I notice that it is neither a ball, or a grapefruit, but a living shrunken head!  The head looks not only shrunk, but extremely squished, and all the facial features are close together, while the skin was really wrinkled.  Though there were not any feet visible, this thing was able to shuffle about, so I am assuming there were some kind of feet under there.

Perplexed, and also very curious, I reached down with my hand to touch the head.  (this would only happen in a dream world, if this was real life I wouldn’t have touched this thing with a 10 foot long rod)  When my fingers got really close, the head jumped forward and bit my finger.

OOOUUUUUCH!” I yelped.

My reflexes kicked in, and I punted the head across the terminal with my foot.  (somehow the guy with the leash didn’t have a good grip and lost a hold of it)

“Why did you do that?!” the “head handler” screamed at me.

“It BIT me!” I yelled back.

He then went and retrieved the head.  I remember the face looked even more scrunched than before, and also appeared to be quite angry at me.

It was about then that I awoke, and realized this was a dream I’d NEVER forget.