"One Earth One People" by Larry V. Stotts

On more than one occasion, we Amigos Locos have crossed paths with some extremely unusual people. Earlier tonight, I was digging through some old folders in the back of my filing cabinet and found a strange document that had been given to me by one such person years ago.

Back in the summer of 1994, I was working in a small copy shop near where I was going to school.  We had pretty high-quality machines, and many businesses relied on us to handle their large-quantity copy runs. We also accommodated anybody who walked in off the street and just needed a few copies of their newsletter, term paper, or LOST DOG flyer made.

For a variety of reasons, copy places are always magnets for the weirdest people in the community. More than anyone else, insane people have a need to mass-produce and distribute their literature – and copy shops (especially ones with postal services) play a critical part in making that happen. Where else can you go and have your incoherent, 257-page conspiracy rant duplicated and mailed out for only a few dollars?

It would still be a few years before crazy people made the transition over to the Web, so all the ones in town came to us. One guy who usually walked in just before we closed always had something strange he needed copied. He was actually a pretty nice guy, but talked about UFO’s and similar stuff with a strange urgency. There were apparently quite a few things that “they” don’t want us to know about, and he was going to blow the lid off the whole Area 51 thing with photocopies of his own hand-scribbled notes.

Weird as he was, he was a reasonably cool guy. I was pretty interested in UFO’s at the time, so I half-seriously listened to his bizarre claims while he waited for his copies. He once told me that “a friend” had given him pieces of some prototype compound material that had been “reverse-engineered from crashed saucers” or something, and that it was super light and impossible to break. “It’s really weird, man… It’s like this honeycomb stuff, and you can’t break it. They’re gonna use it in airplane wings, I bet… It’s from Roswell, dude – seriously”.

I called his bluff, and told him to bring it in. A week or so later he returned, and handed me a thin wafer of what appeared to be plastic. I was astonished to find that it seemed to perfectly fit the description he’d given, and that it was impossibly strong. Nobody in the office could break it, even after he repeatedly challenged us to do so by any means necessary. “It’s indestructible, man – alien technology, right there in your hand.”

The last time I recall ever seeing him, he handed me a crudely-constructed paper booklet with a weird design on the cover. He told me to read it, because it was “important”. I asked if he’d written it himself, and he said he hadn’t – but that he did know the author. He didn’t want any copies made of this one, and just wanted me to read it. I wasn’t sure if he wanted it back, but he never showed up again after that.

18 years later, I pulled it out of the “Weird & Miscellaneous” folder in my file cabinet. Here it is, in all its bizarre glory:

One Earth One People

by Larry V. Stotts, 1989

This reads like something written by someone who’s listened to Art Bell a few too many times. I have no idea who Larry V. Stotts is (or was), but I hope he’s doing better now. It’d be very interesting to track him down and see how he’s doing today.

OK, now this is seriously weird. Some Googling reveals that a Doctor Larry Stotts was the Deputy Director of DARPA’s Strategic Technology Office from October 2002 through August 2011. He’s a highly respected and brilliant man, and in my opinion there is no way the same person could have authored this document. Even more interesting, though, is that it seems like this could be a fake that’s supposed to look like it was written by him. The prominence of the supposed author’s name and signature on every page are fairly suspect, and make me think that this may actually have been part of an attempt to discredit Dr. Stotts as a raving conspiracy lunatic. Either that, or some legitimately crazy person decided to attribute Stott’s name to this. Either way, the fact that there is a respected man with the same name who was involved in secret military projects makes this very interesting.

What do you think?