Ok, I have to nail down my top shows ever to finalize this topic for me…

Here goes… with a blurb about each show.

1. Catherine Wheel 1993 @ Slims , San Francisco – Jaime… was this not the best show we have EVER seen? I know it would be in your top 5 for sure.

2. Beastie Boys 1995 @ Cal-Expo , Sacramento – See prior post… this was a BLAST.

3. Kent 1999 @ The Bottom of the Hill , SF – Even the underage dorks at this one couldn’t ruin a flawless performance by the Swedish Rockers.

4. Gene 2002 @ Sky Church / Bumbershoot , Seattle – These “guys” put on one of the best shows I have seen, everything sounded really clean.

5. Luna 1993 @ The Edge , Palo Alto – All I need to say is, “When Will You Come Home” Actually… I also have to mention SHOVELHEAD! (one of the worst opening bands EVER)

6. Greyboy All Stars 1996 @ The Brickworks , Chico – The first time I saw the All-Stars… this was a fun show! Do you remember that it was Rolling Rock night Pecos?

7. Combustible Edison 1999 @ Harlow’s – Eduardo, wasn’t that just a really fun show? They put on a great performance that night at a great venue. It’s too bad they called it quits…

8. Luna / Sundays 1995? @ The Warfield – This show gets in there because both bands were great. Except, I’ll never understand why people moshed to the Sundays???

9. Low 1996? @ The Blue Room , Chico – This was by far the most odd place to see a band play… a great show in a playhouse.

10. Radiohead 2003 @ White River , Auburn WA – I still kick myself for not seeing them before they became big, but this was still a GREAT show.

Honorable Mention

Sigur Ros 2002 – The Warfield , SF – A classic show. I think this band is always good live.

Oasis 1994 – Melarky’s , Sacramento – I had to leave because it was so loud. I think I still have hearing loss from this show. And this was before they made it big!

Man or Astroman? 2001 – The Howlin’ Wolf , New Orleans – The best show I ever saw with Guillermo. “A Simple Text File” and the giant Van de Graaff generator were the highlights.

Push Kinds 1997 – Bottom of the Hill , San Francisco – A story to tell another day… but a great show. I still can’t believe I made it!

Built to Spill 2004 – Harlows , Sacramento – Great bands at Harlows are always a good combination.