I only had one major event – 6th grade I think – that actually resulted in violence. There was this white shirted stoner. He had a white T-shirt every day – likely the same white T-shirt. I think his name was Terry. He was huge for being a 6th grader. He lived in a little known patch of run down houses just below my neighborhood – I think my dad referred to the place as “dogpatch” — I’m not sure what that is reference to, but it stuck. Anyway, Terry did not say much, what he did say was often mumbled. He often treated others poorly. One recess, we were all playing football – Terry was on the other team. An off and on friend of mine we will refer to as Mark approached us – “can I play” — Mark often treated me like crap – sometimes using me as a subject with the “popular kids.” I saw this as an opportunity to make peace. “Sure – you can be on their team”. Mark was a new waver, Terry was a stoner – they never talked or got along for any matter from what I remember. Terry immediatly spoke up “NO!! YOU CAN’T PLAY”. I, for whatever stupid reason, pushed the issue. “come on man, let him play, you guys need more players”. “NOOOOOO!!!! GET OFF MY TEAM!!!!” he responded – looking and sounding much like the scary train ghost in the movie “Ghost”. I continued the push the issue. “big, deal, let him play” It was at this time he flipped and directed all his rage at me. He came at me, mumbling obscenities and filled with rage, fists clenched. I started backing up and was thinking OH S**T, White shirt stoner is gona pummel me. Before I could even react, a giant left hood came at me from out of sight and nailed me in the right cheek. All I remember is hitting the ground and all of my friends jumping on white shirt stoner to hold him back. It ended as quickly as it started. But the punch he landed tore up the inside of my cheek due to the fact I had braces. After spitting out much blood, I went to the principal and sought justice from the man.