eduardo_cassette1.gifThis topic wouldn’t be complete without at least a brief mention of the many prank phone calls that the Amigos Locos were responsible for throughout our high school and college years.
Like many others, we were doing this stuff long before the Jerky Boys came on the scene. In fact, I even have recordings that date back to around 7th grade.
As far as the calls from our high school/college days go, I have a respectable archive of most of the ones that survived after Jaime lost our box of master tapes. I’ll let him elaborate on that, but it’s his fault that all the funniest calls – about 50 or 60 of them – are gone forever. That whole story is pretty entertaining in itself, including the saga of how we tried to get them back… but alas, their current whereabouts is still unknown.

Of all the calls we made, some of the funniest ones were recorded suring the time that Paco, Jaime and I roomed together at Timberlake. We used to think up elaborate scenarios that involved three people, and would even sometimes get into character and rehearse before making the call. In time, prank calling became to us a ‘high concept’ art form, inspiring us to pioneer new techniques toward bringing more depth to the overall experience. We wanted to take things to the next level, so to speak – and I dare say that we succeeded at doing so with a few of those calls. We were sort of like playwrights, crafting intricate little vignettes in which the main character was an unsuspecting person at the other end of the phone.
We didn’t do mean stuff, though… we were usually just weird. We didn’t prank elderly people or do anything malicious in any way. We usually just called businesses, or people who had solicited callers through the want ads.

Not too surprisingly, things got out of hand after a while. Jaimenacho used to call up Keb Keb The Magic Clown and get into heated arguments with him on a regular basis. These usually involved Jaime’s allegations that he had bitten a child at a birthday party, or something related. For a while, Jaime was obsessed with Keb Keb, or at least with bringing him down. When Keb Keb was not around, Jaime would get mad and leave threatening anti-clown messages on his machine.

One day, I came home from class and nobody was around. I think Jaime was at work, and Paco was in Redding or something. The phone rang, and I picked it up.


“Hi, is this Eduardo?”

“Yes, it is… Who’s this?”

“This is Keb Keb.”


“Yeah, you left that message on my machine this morning? Said something about me doing some entertaining for you? I’m just calling you back.”

“Uh… I think there must be some mistake… ”

“Really? It said in the message-”

“Yeah, sorry. I think you have the wrong number.”

I hung up.

Jaime had thought it’d be funny to have Keb Keb give me a personal call, so he must have left a message with my name on his machine. I never thought hearing the words “This is Keb Keb” would strike so much fear into my heart.
Our prank calling days more or less ended after our time at Timberlake was over with. That was almost a decade ago, but a lot of the calls that we do have recordings of are still pretty darn funny to listen to every now and then.

I would love to hear Jaimenacho or Paco’s memories on this subject.