It didn’t take too long from the time the amigos started posting random dreams for me to have one of my own.   Here it is…

I was on a photography outing with my friend Stephen and we were going to be photographing for several weeks in a coastal area….the weather was pretty miserable and Stephen turns to me and says,

“I’m going to time machine out of here…find some better weather.”

With that he leaves…and I walk around for an unknown period of time…but in my head I seem to recall it being about 5 days…before I decided that I too was going to take this time machine somewhere else.

I found the machine almost instantly…because it was a dream…and my brain decided I didn’t need to focus on searching for the machine.

I opened the hatch, and crawled in.  The whole thing resembled the inside of a rocket….very cylindrical…and narrow.  There were some pillows inside for comfort…and the interior was a very bright variety of orange tones.  At the far end of the machine was a screen…and two buttons.  One button was for entering specific location and time.  The other button was for a randomly selected time.

My mind was fearful that if I selected the ’random’ time…I would end up jousting knights, or fighting with a T-Rex….but I still picked it…and sat back to wait….because instantly after pressing the button I knew I was going somewhere safe….even if I didn’t know where.

The transportation process was  random.   It was a mix of  slow-motion-blurred orange colors, and the sounds of Foreigner.   I was during this sequence I realized I was dreaming…and thought….’wow how bizarre my mind picked Foreigner of all the bands It could’ve selected to play during this transition.’  I can’t remember exactly what song played…but it was pretty awesome, and strangely fitting for the circumstances.

Eventually I landed, opened the hatch and found myself  in the middle of a field area that very much resembled a French countryside circa WWII.  It was cold…and I was dressed in military type clothing…but it was all orange.  I had a gun…and up ahead there were a few other people I knew were part of my battalion by the orange camouflage clothing they had.  They greeted me and we walked down this country road a bit on patrol.  I can’t recall the conversation we had but at one point we walked by a house that was very much modern, and didn’t fit in.

“I think the girls are having a slumber party…”  one of my soldier friends said.

“Cool…let’s go.”  responded another.

The next scene I was walking in this giant house, which was very white, and lacked any real color on the walls.  I was looking for my comrades and wondering how we ended up in this weird home.

After some wandering I found the other soldiers sitting in a giant living room watching movies with some girls…they were all covered up in blankets, and sitting on bean bag chairs.

I was about to scold them for letting their civic duties slide…because we were obviously supposed to be on patrol…not watching teen movies in someone’s house.  but I woke up.