Tim was the kid in first grade who had the goat, and the indoor farm we visited on the walking field trip. He was a dirty child, whith no common sense. His older brother was fairly normal by most accounts. This led to a debate whether Tim was retarded, or if his mom had done drugs prior to his birth. Young Tim struggled mightily with his school work, settling for D’s and F’s.

Tim was good a some things however. He knew every curse word in the world, and how to put them in creative sentences that would greatly offend you. He knew how to get lice, and he knew how to fight, with kids, and with teachers…which was frightening to witness. The fights with teachers usually involved him throwing several obscene comments, a book and/or a desk at the teacher then being drug out of the classroom in a crying slobbering mess. It was never pretty. In fact it usually frightend all the kids in the class.
I don’t recall him liking anyone. I assume some people tried to be nice to him, but because of his ill temper he managed to offend everyone who knew him in some fashion. After 5th or 6th grade he disappeared. Rumors circulated that he’d gone to jail, or Live Oak (school for troubled kids) and wouldn’t be returning.

One day Paco, Pecos, and I had gone to a nearby creek to go fishing, exploring, or something like that. We saw a kid about our age, which was about 13 or 14. He was “training” his black lab how to retrieve birds.

From where we were located we could hear him, and kind of see him. It was Tim! It became quickly apparent that he had no idea how to train a dog, nor was he very nice to his dog.


This went on for several minutes. Most “commands” were roughly the same tone, and had the same vocabulary.
Occssionaly he’d whap his dog for no good reason.

“F****** DOG! PICK UP THAT M*****F***** BIRD… DEAD M*****F****** BIRD!”

Someone in our group started saying “SUUUUUUCK IT!!! SUCK TIM D***” really quietly, like it was a logical command he’d give his dog. This caused a wave of laughter to roll over the three of us that was going to give our location away…so we left to pursue other activities.

This was the last time I saw Tim. I think Pecos knew his brother, and asked him what Tim was doing. If I recall correctly, jail was involved.

I saw Tim the other day. I’m 90% sure it was him. He reminded me of Lenny from ‘Of Mice and Men.’ He was really big, looked really lost, and was squeezing the life out of a puppy. OK I made that last part up. I was in the grocery store with my son, and I noticed him in the dairy aisle I wasn’t really ever a fan of his, so I declined talking with him to be absolutely sure. I did think about shouting from the top of my lungs;