While cleaning up our little home office the other day, I came across something that brought back some funny memories.

Back in late November of 2011, my wife and I were doing our annual post Thanksgiving tradition of tracking down Christmas Trees with the in-laws. It’s a fun tradition, and recently it’s been rather easy since one of the friends of the family works for a company that owns large tracts of forest land.

So, on this particular morning, we made our way up to a spot about 50 minutes East of town. As usual, the tree cutting was quick, and we spent the rest of the day eating lunch, and watching the dogs and kids run around. After lunch, we began off back down the dirt road to the highway, and back home.

A couple minutes after passing through the gate, I saw a small, beat up, old pickup truck. It had a shell on it, and was loaded with stuff. Strange… it certainly didn’t look like someone who should be up here, let alone would be cutting a tree. Plus, there was a gate a mile or so ahead, so this guys would just have to turn around since he didn’t look like he belonged on the private land.

As we approached the truck, I noticed a hand sticking out the window waving at us. I could now see inside the rig, and it appears to be an older man driving, with an older lady in the passenger side.

I then noticed that he stopped, so I did the same. I waved, and said “Hi” after I rolled down my window.

Hello, how are you doing today?

Fine, how’s it going?

Good, please read this.

(hands me a stack of rolled up papers)


Have a good day!


And he drove off. I quickly glanced at the first page and chuckled, oh wow, this looks like conspiracy theory nut job goodness I thought! It wasn’t until I got home later that day that I got a better look at the nuttiness. Have a look at the attached for a good chuckle.

The highlights?

– “Caliban”. (California brothers of the Taliban)

– Numerous typos and spelling errors. (some corrected)

– “Threatening driving and maneuvering.”

– “Under Siege.”