dabrat_2013As most of our readers know, from time to time we like to take a moment to appreciate and check in on Da Brat.

I’m pleased to report that Brat, a.k.a. Shawntae Harris, has recently resurfaced after several years of incarceration for striking a woman in the face with a rum bottle.

Yes folks, America’s sweetheart is back… And she’s now on both Twitter and Instagram! No word yet on whether she’ll be blessing the musical world with her lyrical talents again, but I think we can all agree that classics like “All My Bitches”, “F**k You”, and “Intro” never get old.

Here’s to you, Ms. Harris! We salute you for inspiring us to make the most of the difficult situations we all face in life. We hope you enjoy many years of freedom before you’re arrested for aggravated assault again.