The first time I heard this (I think it was either on KWOD, or possibly in some SF music store), I thought it was the most irritating thing I’d ever heard. It sounded like a cross between Prince, Elmo and Richard Simmons, three minutes of nails-on-chalkboard, please-make-it-stop-now pain.

If you’re not familiar with this song, do not play the video embedded below. If you decide to, I cannot be held responsible for the damage it will incur to your brain.



I challenge you to watch this all the way through. It’s extremely difficult to do, and they were wise to counter the pain inflicted on the viewer with an attractive girl. Had they not done so, people probably would have kicked their TV’s in when this was shown.

On top of the fact that they made this song, these guys were drugged-out loser dorks. They even pass mushrooms around in the video. Now that’s alternative.