Ok, this is a bit random, but I felt like I had to post something.

Just last week my younger brother and our significant others, made a quick trip to the Pacific Northwest. We were spending most of our time in Portland (managed to visit a fellow MAL member Fernando) it was a low key trip, and most of our time was just spent kicking around the area checking things out.

Our first night we were there, Marco and I walked down to the local Walgreens to grab some snacks and drinks for our hotel room. Upon entering we were greeted by a friendly gentleman at the counter.

“Wehlcum to Wahlgreens!”

He stated with a friendly look on his face. He was a normal looking younger guy, and kind of sounded like Borat. We smiled and continued into the store to grab our items.

A few minutes later we approached the counter he was working.

“Wehlcum to Wahlgreens!”

He smiled again, and I looked at Marco with an amused look on my face. Short memory I guess.

He then proceeded to check me out, he asked if I had a Wahlgreens card, I didn’t, so he took down my personal info (it was all made up) and proceeded to hand me my card that got me a $.50 discount on my purchase.  I grabbed my bag and stepped aside so Marco could buy his items.

“Wehlcum to Wahlgreens! Would you like to buy some carmels?”

Once again, he said this with a large grin on his face, as he glided his hand in front of a display of some crappy Werther’s Originals knock off caramels.  He almost looked like a young Russian male version of Vanna White.

I thought Marco was going to lose it, but he managed to keep a straight face until we both got outside where we busted up laughing the whole way back to our hotel.

A couple of nights later we returned to Walgreens to get some more snacks, unfortunately Borat Jr. wasn’t there to try to sell us some carmels.