We haven’t had a fresh topic in some time, and this one should be fun.

Musically, the 1990s were a time of great transition. We saw the birth of several new genres, the death of a few others, and the terms “alternative” and “mainstream” became synonymous as popular styles were fused together in new experimental ways. Even the concept of popular music itself evolved as the Internet began to transform western culture into the hyperconnected reality it is today.

While the 90s gave rise to some of the greatest artists and bands of all time, others produced some really bad music during those years. Some cases were awkward missteps made by bands and artists trying unsuccessfully to cash in on the ‘alternative’ thing. Others were groups that were intentionally weird or annoying, fueled by young peoples’ newfound thirst for music that sounded different. Not necessarily good, but different.

As stations changed formats and Lollapalooza challenged peoples’ notions of what ‘popular’ music was, mainstream radio and MTV changed dramatically over the span of a few years. For the most part, it was an exciting and vibrant time. Great bands that had been unknown or underappreciated for years were finally getting their due, and cool music had at last made Bon Jovi and Warrant extinct.

Mixed in with all the good stuff, though, was the garbage. The allure of success in the new alternative landscape was enough to make some labels aggressively promote stuff that was barely listenable, and occasionally it ended up being everywhere. Bands that shouldn’t have existed did, and songs that nobody liked somehow became popular.

Twenty plus years later, we have the luxury of being able to subconsciously filter out all the annoying stuff when we reflect on the music of the 90s. However, it’s that other side, the stuff we’ve consciously tried to forget, that we’re going to explore with this topic.

In your opinion, what are some of the worst songs of the 1990s?

There are no hard rules here. If you hated it, it’s valid.
Please also explain your rationale for hating the song. If possible, embed the YouTube video in your post.

You may begin.