After being stuck in really bad traffic for over an hour on my way home the other night, I wearily stopped off at a Carl’s Jr for a quick bite and some desperately-needed caffeine. Upon ordering and sitting down to await my meal, I heard some loud, oddly excited voices nearby.

“HA HA HAAA! I will use my healing spell, then. You both take three damage.”

“Dude, I have no HP!”

“Wait, do I get that wizard card, or not?”

This spirited exchange was punctuated by the sound of dice being rolled.

Looking over, I could see that three guys had moved a couple of tables together and were deeply engrossed in some kind of roleplaying game. They were in their thirties at least, and one had apparently brought his son with him. The guy who seemed to be leading the group kept excitedly describing spells in a loud theatrical voice that got more irritating with each outburst.

“AHA! My strongest foe takes FOUR damage for every dart in my spell.”

“Nooo! A wild magic creature!!!”

Was this a joke? Were these guys seriously playing D&D at freaking Carl’s Jr?!?

Indeed they were.* They went on and on, and didn’t notice when I surreptitiously snapped their photo. Weirdly, there were a few equally nerdy guys at other tables who would occasionally get up and walk over to watch the action. Was this some kind of roleplaying dork tournament?

I didn’t stick around long enough to find out what the deal was, but did make a mental note to make better dining decisions in the future.


*While they may not have actually been playing the iconic roleplaying game Dungeons and Dragons, normal people refer to all roleplaying games as “D&D”.