As I’ve grown I’ve learned to appreciate the art of breakin’ in new and exciting ways. While I’ve always realized my shortcomings in performing the more difficult maneuvers, I have learned to do what I am able to do to the best of my abilities. In other words, I feel comfortable carrying on a wave, or a Tut, but am not going to be doing mad flares anytime soon. You won’t see me battling Crazy Legs in the streets of NYC at any point in my life. I know my limits.

One of my favorite moves has always been the backspin. It’s one of the defining moves of the genre. To perform it you simply visualize yourself spinning on the ground, on your back. Placing one hand on the ground, cardobard, or linoleum give a big kick to your left or right about 2 feet high. This will get your momentum going, and start the spinning. Quickly tuck your legs into a semi-fetal position, grabbing them tightly with both arms, so the speed of your spin doesn’t cause your limbs to fly out in awkward and unaesthetic positions. When you’ve made several revolutions, and are no longer spinning at a high rate of speed it’s time to end the move. Kicking you legs straight out, and rolling onto your side will stop you just fine. In order to cap off the performance wtih some added style however, quickly cross your legs with the bottom leg being flat on the mat, and the other bent at a 90′ angle. While your legs are positioning themselves, your bottom arm should be making its way to the bottom of your chin elbow on ground, the top arm bent, fist on top hip bone. When in the position hold it for approx. 15-20 seconds. When spins are ended this way, it screams. “Yeeeah. what do you think of me now.”

The real beauty of the maneuver is the small space requirement, the ease at which it can be performed, and the low risk for injury. You can ‘bust’ a backspin almost anywhere. I should know, I have. Going through life there were certain situations that warranted action, but for the longest time just what sort of action remained a mystery. I would be in the presence of something as ordinary as a Christmas choir performance, or as famous as the Venus De Milo. These things were great by themselves, but something was missing.

For many viewers experiences such as these get filed in their memories as being nothing more than ‘cool’. They needed, and had the potential to be ‘fantastic’ experiences. I found that by adding a back spin in the presence of anything made it go from simply ‘cool’ to ‘totally fantastic’ It’s like adding wine or fresh garlic to a meal, it’s always an improvement. Also like a great meal everyone who experiences the backspin remembers, and enjoys it.

Since this epiphany I have performed my backspin in many locations. Here’s just a smattering of places.

Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco in general
Palace of Fine Arts S.F.
Eiffel Tower, Paris
Stonehenge, UK
Coliseum, Rome
Subways throughout Europe.
Pantheon, Greece
Interlachen, Switzerland
Statue of Liberty, NYC
Chico Mall, Chico Ca. (during a stirring rendition of Christmas music)
Cabin Party 2004
Over 50 Dance clubs around the world
My wedding.
Other people’s wedding’s
Washington D.C.
Philadelphia, Pa.

Some people have BASE jumping, some graffiti, others hiking particular trails. They all have things they try and do in as many places as they possibly can.

Back spinning in public is my passion.

I try to document the act whenever possible with a photograph. Many of the pictures look like I’ve simply fallen down, rather than just performed a superior breakdancing move. I will attempt to gather the photos I do possess and post them here. My ultimate goal is to have someone go.

“Have you seen the new Dali museum in southern Spain?”

and I will be able to say,

“Seen it? B*tch, I backspun there.”

I want to eventually do a backspin at Mecca…not for religious purposes, although I’m sure all who witness it will have a religious experience of sorts.

I think backspins transcend all racial, cultural, and religious differences, and am willing to risk life and limb to prove it. Backspins are the FTD of the new milenium. At some point nothing will say ‘I love you’ like a perfectly performed backspin, and you can say I heard it here first.